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Jeremy Woodall

A former Royal Marine Officer who retrained as a therapist and coach and has spent the last twenty years working with people and groups, helping them navigate their own paths to better mental and emotional wellbeing. Even as a child I held a desire to gain a better understanding of my inner workings, those invisible realms of thoughts and feelings that dictate how we experience our outer world. Hence my belief in the value of developing what I call ‘The Coach Within’. Change is the one constant in life and as we natural evolve, this process of constant self development is mainly unconscious. I am therefore incredibly grateful to be working in this space of conscious evolution; not only for my own personal growth but also in the support of others in their journey’s of change. So how did I get here? Well as a much younger man I travelled and worked my way through Africa and the Far East, before embarking on a challenging and enjoyable military career with the Royal Marine Commandos. In 1997, having completed my commission, I retrained as a therapist and entered the world of mental wellbeing. Over the last 20 years, I have evolved my work through several therapeutic and coaching practices, punctuated with periods working in the humanitarian, charity and commercial sectors. I have lived in the UK, France, Italy and Jordan and worked for extended periods in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq; most recently I spent 3 years working in a mental health charity, helping to support some of our societies most vulnerable adults. Today I work independently and predominantly online, delivering training and coaching to those who want to develop their own ‘Coach Within’.

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